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Contact us today to discover cleaning solutions specific to your manufacturing needs.  If you are a current user and need copies of SDS or TDS,  Please connect through chat and we will get back to you ASAP


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Stone-Leigh Brew Cleaner is a family owned orgnization that is solely focused on crafting the highest quality cleaning formulas within the brewery marketplace. Since 2018, we have sold to over 300 brewery users.  Stone-Leigh engineers, manufacturers all of its owns blends. The Stone-Leigh Brew Cleaners brand is focused on unique high efficient and high quality cleaners specifically engineered for the Brewery.  Our focus is to demonstrate to our users and potential customers how you can utilize LESS CHEMICAL by creating Standard Operating Procedures that drill down efficiencies…


Being the manufacturer and distributor has its benefits, by having chemical engineers on staff allows us to engineer blends specific to your application. Moreover, allows us to pass on the savings to our end users. 

With over 60 years experience within the dairy sanitization industry,  We know how to get stainless steel clean and keep it clean.  We offer a level of expertise above and beyond any other chemical manufacturer or distributor in the brewery marketplace.  This expertise is only a phone call or email away.  Your questions are our concerns.

We are a local to the northeast- family owned orgnization similar to many of our brewery customer.  Our focus is to develop long term relationships that last for decades.  Please connect and lets keep business LOCAL.

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